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What Is a Good Fiction Book to Read? – 7 Best Fiction Book Recommendations

What Is a Good Fiction Book to Read

Have you ever felt embarrassed about not having read a particular classic? Or perhaps you have a hefty book serving as a provisional furniture prop? Fear not! You’re among friends. Fulfill all your literary ambitions with our guide to the essential additions to your home library—the best books you’ll ever read.

Reading holds immense importance for those who aspire to improve themselves and positively impact the world. Reading has transcended being merely a hobby and has become the most impactful activity for personal, professional, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth. In today’s fast-paced world filled with constant distractions, it is crucial to prioritize reading as much as realistically possible.

In this article, instead of delving into why reading is essential, we aim to provide you with a list of fiction book of recommendation Unlike any other art form, recommending literature is highly subjective, as individual tastes vary. There may be fiction masterpieces that others excessively praise but might not resonate with you, and vice versa. We must also acknowledge the existence of guilty pleasures—books we adore but that may not be considered exemplary literature. Nevertheless, there are books that enjoy near-universal acclaim, and those form the majority of the list below.

During times of distressing news and gloomy weather, maintaining a positive outlook can be challenging. Thankfully, the following selection of fiction books offers delightful, uplifting escapism that will warm your heart even in the coldest months. These books encompass steamy romances, family conflicts, journeys of self-discovery, and peaceful French getaways. They will make you smile, provoke thought, stir emotions, and transport you to different worlds. After all, it’s hard not to feel a spring in your step when you have the latest Tia Williams novel awaiting you on your bedside table.

Without further ado, here is the list of fiction book recommendations for your enjoyment!

The Modern Fiction You’ve Always Meant to Read

The Modern Fiction You've Always Meant to Read

Love, Me, by Jessica Saunders – $18 AT AMAZON

Consider this scenario: You might have a collection of old photos stashed away somewhere, capturing moments with a past flame from high school or college. Perhaps they’re tucked in a box in your garage or stored among your parents’ possessions. Now, envision what would occur if that former someone unexpectedly rose to fame, thrusting your private memories into the public eye. Imagine being a regular lawyer, content with your life, only to have those intimate snapshots sold to a gossip magazine, shattering your privacy and tranquility. How would your ordinary marriage and everyday maternal responsibilities fare under the harsh glare of sudden notoriety? This is the entertaining premise of a delightful debut novel by an exciting new author. 

The Good Part, by Sophie Cousens – $17 AT BOOKSHOP

Skipping ahead to life’s highlighting “good parts” seems enticing, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to bypass the struggles like a leaking roof, feeling left behind while friends thrive except you, or enduring a string of terrible relationships? In the latest novel from Sophie Cousens, Lucy Young, a 26-year-old, gets the opportunity to do just that when she stumbles upon an accessibly located wishing machine. She puts in a coin and makes her wish: Please, let me skip to the good part of my life. But when she wakes up in her 40s version of herself with children she doesn’t identify, a supposedly loving husband, a household to manage, and a dream job she feels ill-equipped for, she begins to question if this shortcut was a mistake. The charm of the story lies in the comedic interactions between mother and son, the eccentric characters across timelines, and the more profound ponderings on time travel: Would you leap forward even if it meant sacrificing time with loved ones?

Main Character Energy, by Jamie Varon – $18 AT BOOKSHOP

In her debut novel, Jamie Varon, known for her influential self-help book ‘Radically Content,’ seamlessly blends her wisdom on success with a tale set in the French Riviera escape, an unforgettable narrator, and a lot of heart. Poppy, the protagonist, writes lists for a widespread online platform while harboring abandoned dreams of becoming an author a long time ago. However, an unexpected opportunity arises when her aunt dies, leaving her a chance to attend a writer’s retreat in the South of France. She can’t resist the enticement of her dormant ambitions. Any aspiring author can relate to this narrative, beautifully exploring dashed aspirations, battling writer’s block, the support of the writing community, and seizing opportunities when they come your way. Interwoven within is the experience of navigating the world as a person with a larger body, mainly when a couple of men catch your eye.

A Love Song for Ricki Wilde, by Tia Williams – $20 AT AMAZON.

Tia Williams infuses a touch of magical realism into her sixth novel, which follows the story of a daughter who is the black sheep of her Atlanta society family, determined to break free from her affluent Atlanta family and pursue her passion for owning a flower shop. When a Harlem brownstone becomes available, how can Ricki resist? But along with the brownstone comes unexpected possibilities, perhaps even love. Shifting between the Harlem Renaissance era and the present day, between the excitement of a budding romance and the depth of a profound connection, the Seven Days in June author’s latest work promises to keep readers eagerly turning pages until the very end.

This Could Be Us, by Kennedy Ryan – $17 AT BOOKSHOP

Parenting autistic children poses its own unique challenges and protocols, from struggling with describing the terminology of the diagnosis itself (Does your son have autism or is he autistic?) to the complexities of long-term marriage. However, in the second installment of her celebrated Skyland romance series, Ryan infuses a breath of fresh air into these themes. At an office holiday party where two families intersect, relationships spark into existence, each taking on a life of its own. Ryan skillfully delves into multiple perspectives, portraying the struggles of a father coping with the demands of raising twin autistic boys amidst a divorce and a mother of three daughters yearning for love while suspecting her husband of deceit. When these two individuals collide, sparks fly, offering a sensitive exploration of parenthood and desire that resonates universally.

The Last Love Note, by Emma Grey – $11 AT AMAZON

Kate is a complete mess. Kate finds herself amidst the chaos, grieving the loss of her husband to early-onset Alzheimer’s. In a moment of absent-mindedness, she nearly disregards her son’s presentation of what she assumes to be a model military grenade, only to realize its potential danger moments later. Emma Grey intricately weaves a tale of friendship and support in times of loss, from the arrival of a charming neighbor with a motorcycle to the unexpected companionship of a colleague during a coastal Australian mishap. Kate’s relatable, humorous, and endearing voice captivates readers, making this novel a captivating blend of laughter and tears.

Days of Wonder, by Caroline Leavitt –  $27 AT BOOKSHOP

Everything is going well for Ella and her adolescent love, Jude until Ella is convicted of attempting to murder Jude’s father and condemned to 25 years in jail. When she finds she is pregnant while behind bars, she has no choice but to place her child for adoption. But when she gets out of prison, she’s desperate to find her child again—without much to go on. Who remembers what really happened? Ella hides her identity in order to reconnect with her family, but she encounters some challenges in this suspenseful and inspiring story about the lengths to which a mother can go to clear her name and save her loved ones. It’s a true escape to look forward to this spring.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What qualities elevate a fiction book to a must-read status?

A real compelling work of fiction has characters that capture your imagination, a storyline that entices your senses, and a narrative that completely engulfs you. Seek out novels that reflect your interests and preferences, whether it’s an explosive thriller, a poignant love story, or an academically challenging literary classic.

2. How can I select the ideal fiction book that resonates with me?

Reflect upon the genres or themes that ignite your curiosity. Be sure of what you are attracted to: either it’s an intriguing appeal of mysteries, the deep world-building of historical fiction, or the boundless horizons of fantasy. Furthermore, reading reviews, examining bestseller lists, and obtaining suggestions from reputable sources—both offline and within digital communities—can help you find novels that match your literary preferences.

3. Could you share some recent fiction releases that have garnered significant acclaim?

Stay attuned to the latest accolades bestowed upon literary works, peruse the ranks of bestsellers, and keep an ear open for the resounding chatter in literary circles. Presently, readers are relishing the fresh voices and diverse perspectives found within contemporary fiction. Don’t shy away from exploring debut novels or the offerings of emerging authors, as they often hold the key to thrilling discoveries.

4. Can I find exceptional fiction books beyond the domains of popular genres?

Without a doubt! While renowned bestsellers often bask in the limelight, countless hidden treasures lie concealed within lesser-known genres or niche categories. Embrace the adventure of delving into indie publications, translated works, or experimental fiction, for within their pages lie the potential for unique and enriching reading experiences that transcend the boundaries of convention.

5. How can I determine if a fiction book will provide me with an enjoyable reading experience?

Pay attention to the book’s summary, read reviews, and, if possible, sample a few pages. Consider your particular preferences for writing style, tempo, and thematic elements. It is critical to remember that enjoyment is subjective; what resonates strongly with one reader may not fascinate another. Trust your intuition, be open to finding new authors and genres, and seize the chance to broaden the scope of your reading experience.

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