Michael Karolewski

The Prophet’s Debt

“Dealing with souls is – in the end – only a matter of business.”

In “Soul Sector,” the first installment of the paranormal book series by Michael Karolewski, readers follow the tale of Rose Ryder’s reluctant journey through a dystopian afterlife. Rose, initially a disenchanted and troubled soul in the mundane world, undergoes a surreal transformation when she finds herself in Valcara – a purgatory where souls are commodities traded by a profit-driven corporation.

The fiction book series skillfully intertwines the worlds of the living and the dead, exposing the greed and moral ambiguity that permeate both. The satirical undertones add a layer of dark humor, offering a sharp critique of Corporate America and the hypocritical posturing of authority figures who claim moral superiority.

The series showcases the intricacies of the “rat race,” illustrating how individuals become mere pawns in the profit-driven machinations of powerful corporations.

At its heart, “Soul Sector” explores the theme of grief and healing. Rose, haunted by guilt over her sister’s death, is thrust into a cosmic corporate structure that exploits her vulnerabilities. As she navigates through a world where corruption extends beyond the grave, Rose’s journey becomes an exploration of an anti-hero finding redemption through acts of healing and self-discovery. The afterlife book series promises dark fantasy, corporate intrigue, and emotional depth, inviting readers to question the very nature of life, death, and the choices that define our existence.

The Soul Sector

“A page-turning adventure that’ll have you questioning fate, the universe, and everything in between.”

“The Prophet’s Debt,” the second installment in the paranormal book series by Michael Karolewski, takes readers again into the tumultuous afterlife where Rose Ryder’s quest for redemption takes an even darker turn. Having averted an apocalypse, Rose is driven back to Valcara by the desperate cries of her friend Jade’s lingering soul. However, her heroism on Earth has earned her the enmity of powerful Valcarans. Rose discovers an unexpected ally in the form of Anita Munroe, the very soul who once exploited her.

Karolewski’s humorous story explores the depths of grief and healing as Rose grapples with the consequences of her actions. The flawed female protagonist confronts treacherous factions on Earth, introducing complex layers of corporate corruption and moral hypocrisy.

The paranormal book series digs into existential philosophy, blurring the lines between the mortal world and the afterlife. In the shadows of Boston, Rose encounters a paranormal support group led by a suspected murderer, a sinister magic company masking corporate sins, and the ominous return of a villain from her past.

“The Prophet’s Debt” blends dark fantasy and paranormal thriller with dry humor, creating a fiction book that balances suspense with a humorous undertone. As Rose contends with family trauma, depression, and the ever-present threat of cosmic devastation, readers are drawn into a world where the pursuit of salvation may come at the cost of one’s own damnation.

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