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Valcara Incorporated

Introducing the Valcara Incorporated series – a fiction book saga that’s part paranormal, part humorous! The story follows a witty and sardonic Rose Ryder as she navigates the afterlife in a quest for redemption that’s anything but ordinary. The paranormal book series is a cynical social commentary on corporate America and the rat race everyone is forced into.

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Michael Karolewski

I’m a Rhode Island native and a proud graduate of Northeastern University with a cool combo degree in Math and Economics.

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The Prophet’s Debt

“Dealing with souls is – in the end – only a matter of business.”

In “Soul Sector,” the first installment of the paranormal book series by Michael Karolewski, readers follow the tale of Rose Ryder’s reluctant journey through a dystopian afterlife. Rose, initially a disenchanted and troubled soul in the mundane world, undergoes a surreal transformation when she finds herself in Valcara – a purgatory where souls are commodities traded by a profit-driven corporation.

The Soul Sector

“A page-turning adventure that’ll have you questioning fate, the universe, and everything in between.”

“The Prophet’s Debt,” the second installment in the paranormal book series by Michael Karolewski, takes readers again into the tumultuous afterlife where Rose Ryder’s quest for redemption takes an even darker turn. Having averted an apocalypse, Rose is driven back to Valcara by the desperate cries of her friend Jade’s lingering soul. However, her heroism on Earth has earned her the enmity of powerful Valcarans. Rose discovers an unexpected ally in the form of Anita Munroe, the very soul who once exploited her.

About Us

With my fiction book series, I wanted to explore the themes of corporate greed, moral ambiguity, and the afterlife through the lens of dark fantasy and paranormal thriller elements.

I guess you'll have to wait and find out!

My Valcara Incorporated series is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads.

I love how this Goodreads review describes my paranormal book series: "If I had to choose only three words to describe this book, I'd describe it as an amusingly bizarre onion."

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What the Readers Think

Mary K

"One of the book's greatest strengths lies in its well-crafted characters. Each protagonist feels distinct, with their own unique motivations and pasts, providing readers with a rich tapestry of perspectives. Karolewski's ability to create vivid and immersive world-building is commendable. The descriptions of alien worlds, futuristic technologies, and cosmic phenomena are visually stunning, transporting the reader to each vibrant location. The author strikes a perfect balance between scientific plausibility and imaginative storytelling, making the universe of "The Soul Sector" feel both believable and awe-inspiring."

Susan S

"It's a gripping, page-turning adventure that'll have you questioning fate, the universe, and everything in between. Trust me, this book's a ticket to a realm where the supernatural meets corporate clout—a ride you won't want to miss."

Carly M

"Michael Karolewski's THE SOUL SECTOR is a complex, emotionally charged fever dream of a story, a lesson in morality and coping with grief that introduces a wicked, beautiful, and sometimes zany rendering of the afterlife."

Mark R

"The plotline is extremely engaging and riveting from the first to the last page. Karolewski's ideation of the afterlife makes for a unique masterpiece that is fun to read. It is a remarkable page-turner with breathtaking twists that beg for a sequel. Penetrate the world of Valcara and build up your understanding of what transpires after demise."

Melodie M

. "Death, afterlife, forgiveness, regret. What a thoroughly enjoyable book. You'd think watching a grieving alcoholic grapple with the death of her sister and the anger of her bereaved mother is absolutely grating and depressing. You'd be wrong about Soul Sector. Of course, it's much deeper than that, as is always the Plan. However, I really enjoyed the ironic humor of Valcara incorporated and Rose's trajectory in life. There was so much healing and love to be found in her journey."


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