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What Is the Most Popular Book Series? – 10 Mesmerizing Tales from Beyond the Grave!

What Is the Most Popular Book Series

As we age, our contemplation of life after death often deepens as we confront our mortality. Whether rooted in religious doctrine or personal encounters, the concept of an afterlife fascinates and divides us. Books exploring this domain offer diverse perspectives, from spiritual to scientific, stirring introspection regardless of belief.

This blog presents a curated selection of books delving into life after death. These afterlife book series, spanning fiction and nonfiction, religious and secular, aim to broaden understanding and provoke reflection on mortality’s enigma.

If existential questions nag at you, our spiritual collection probes the essence of humanity and the mysteries of existence. Contemplating death and its aftermath, these books empower readers to contemplate life’s purpose and potential beyond the mortal coil.

Our assortment of afterlife book series offers solace and insight for those struggling with the loss of passing away or curiosity about what happens after death. From firsthand accounts of near-death experiences to tales of divine connection, these narratives illuminate the possibility of an afterlife, offering comfort and reaffirming faith in a higher power.

Are you wondering about the nature of heaven itself? Dive into captivating reads like “Heaven is Beyond Your Wildest Expectations” by Sid Roth or “People I Met at the Gates of Heaven” by Don Piper, which paint vivid portraits of the celestial world. Are you still skeptical about the blessings from heaven you will receive if you commit to faith in the Lord? Find reassurance in books like “To Heaven and Back,” “7 Lessons from Heaven,” and “More Glimpses of Heaven & Amazing Stories of Life After Death,” challenging doubts with compelling accounts of heavenly encounters.

The below-mentioned list of afterlife book series goes beyond the afterlife; it’s a testament to hope, faith, and salvation. Whether seeking solace, inspiration, or theological insight, these books offer something profound for every seeker. May these books uplift and guide you, bridging mortal uncertainties with divine grace. Explore this list, and may the message you need find you through the channels of divine providence.

The List of Afterlife Book Series That Everyone Should Read!

The List of Afterlife Book Series That Everyone Should Read

Life After Death by Deepak Chopra

‘What happens when we die?’ Addressing this question, through definitely non-traditional means, Dr Deepak Chopra has invented ‘Life After Death’ – a combination of the mysterious metaphysics of ancient Vedic philosophy, contemporary particle physics, and personal experiences, to lay the creation of this novel. Looking at the thought-provoking concept that death is a delusion of the senses and that the soul survives in a constant spiral of refinement, culminating in enlightenment, he has tried to overcome fears about death, kindle spirituality, and provide a window to the desire to be eternal with amazing possibilities.

After all, this Indian author managed to show awareness of the American likelihood of embracing ‘suggestive possibilities of living eternally’ to bolster ‘immortality desires.’

Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani

This book outlines Moorjani’s childhood battle with cancer over a period of some four years. She went through a surreal near-death episode bordering on hell and then emerged with an unlikely solution out of the blue to cure her cancer that caused her miraculous recovery – a sudden revelation she says she always had the healing powers within her. In this journey of self-discovery, Moorjani learned to find her potential and utilized that power to cure herself. This book is quite insightful and full of wisdom on illness, healing in the future, death, and trying to please others by ignoring our potential.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Abloom

Mitch Albom, the best-selling author of Tuesdays with Morrie, presents us with this emotional and moving novel that explains the idea that heaven is much more than just a place. The centerpiece of this novel is Eddie, a maimed war veteran. When Eddie passes away on his 83rd birthday, he awakens in the afterlife, where he learns what heaven is. Eddie figures out that heaven is not just a destination; it’s a place where five people will tell you the story of your own life. The Five People You Meet in Heaven responds to the one question that we all ask ourselves whenever we talk about death: “Why was I here?”

The Near-Death Experience by Lee W. Bailey and Jenny Yates

Many philosophers and psychological researchers share various analyses in this all-inclusive collection of near-death experiences (NDE). Coverage of Jewish, Christian, and Mormon answers to NDEs as well as spiritual and mystic interpretations make this novel a must-read for anybody looking for spiritual and religious books on the intricate topic of death.

What To Do When You Are Dead: Life After Death, Heaven and The Afterlife: A Famous Spiritualist Psyc by Craig Hamilton-Parker

This book will guide you through the process of dying and rebirth into the next life. The author is a world-renowned medium and best-selling author. He has used his substantial knowledge and personal mediumistic experiences to vividly convey what life is like after death. Craig Hamilton-Parker has also addressed difficult issues such as sex in the afterlife, reincarnation, spiritualism’s shortcomings in judgment day, and religious misconceptions. The book debunks falsehoods and seeks popular views, as well as proof, of what lies beyond physical death. What to Do When You Are Dead addresses several difficult themes, including: – Who are we? Is there God? – What Happens After Death? What is the afterlife like? – Is There Life After Death for Everyone? – What happens on our death bed? – Who are the avatars, spirit guides, and angels? – Is Heaven the last destination? – Can certain spirits become trapped between the worlds? – Do we reincarnate?

Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss

In “Many Lives, Many Masters”, Dr. Brian Weiss narrates the story of how he ended up documenting his experience. Weiss explains how, during the healing process, he was able to explore his patient Catherine’s previous life through hypnotism. Disrupting his core, yet non-existent belief in reincarnation, the treatment led to the production of the book Many Lives, Many Masters’ which provides an in-depth description of the treatment and how it impacted their lives forever. The book will give you a theory-cloaked insight into his belief in reincarnation. The book integrates traditional psychology approaches and the recently discovered past-life regression therapy.

To Die Is Gain by Johann Christoph Hampe

This long-lost original book on near-death experiences was written about the same time as Raymond Moody’s classic Life After Life, but it is completely independent of any knowledge of that more famous work. Hampe was a German philosopher, and while the book was a big success in Germany, it is virtually unknown in the English-speaking world, despite a superb translation released in the 1970s (eventually reissued).

Hampe is a deep thinker with a highly interesting manner. Knowing he had his own NDE adds to the book’s poignancy and emotional impact. What’s interesting in this book is his different approach from Moody’s.

Rather than viewing the event as a scientific conundrum and focusing on the potential that NDEs are evidence of an afterlife, Hampe was intrigued by its metaphysical implications.

Life After Life by Raymond A. Moody

Dr. Moody gives the results of his original study of those who have been revived after ‘clinical death’. The astounding testimonials and surprise descriptions of ‘death’ and ‘beyond’ are surprisingly comparable, vivid, and largely positive, transforming people’s perceptions of death, life beyond, and the spiritual afterlife. Introducing the innovative principles of the NDE (Near Death Experience), he has changed perceptions about the meaning of death and ‘what comes after’.

Death And Immortality in The Religions Of The World By Paul Badham (editor), Linda Badham (editor)

This book, co-edited by renowned British theologian and philosopher Prof. Paul Badham, stands as a testament to his expertise in afterlife beliefs and near-death experiences. For individuals transitioning from archaeology to religious studies, Prof. Badham’s work holds particular allure. His rigorous examination of near-death experiences and his appreciation for diverse cultural perspectives on spiritual realities drew the attention of many, including the author.

The selection of contributions to this volume reflects Prof. Badham’s commitment to exploring varied cultural beliefs surrounding death and immortality. Chapters delve into the afterlife concepts within African traditional religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, while also encompassing discussions on the philosophy and parapsychology of the afterlife. Notably, the book includes an article by Linda Badham that has gained acclaim for its examination of disbelief in the afterlife.

With its comprehensive scope and insightful analyses, this book serves as indispensable reading for scholars and enthusiasts interested in world religions or the exploration of the afterlife.

 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper

Don Piper’s car was crushed on his way home, and emergency workers proclaimed him dead immediately. Piper witnessed the glories of heaven and was astounded by its beauty and music while his body lay lifeless inside the wreckage of his car. Piper mysteriously returned to life on earth after a minister said his final prayers for him, remembering only the inexpressible heavenly bliss. Piper describes in 90 Minutes in Heaven an incredible event that transformed his life forever.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is a series of books on the afterlife so popular?

The Afterlife book series’ growing success stems from its engaging tale, relatable characters, and thought-provoking investigation of life after death.

2. Are most of the novels in the Afterlife series fictitious or nonfiction?

They can be fictional or nonfictional, and they provide a variety of perspectives on the hereafter, conveyed via both imaginative and realistic lenses.

3. The question is if the afterlife book series looks into specific religious notions.

Some concentrate on specific religious doctrines, while others conduct a more general examination of afterlife conceptions shared by several faith groups.

4. Are there any book series about the hereafter that are geared for specific age groups?

Yes, there are book series on the hereafter for children, young people, and adults, each catering to a particular degree of comprehension and interest.

5. What are the criteria for selecting the right afterlife book series for me?

When you make your decision to read an afterlife book series, consider your hobbies, whether you like fiction or nonfiction, and whether you have any religious or philosophical convictions.

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