This fall, the series continues. Travel beyond life and death to the mysterious world of Valcara.

The Soul Sector Cover


Book 1: The Soul Sector (Available on Amazon)

Rose Ryder never believed in the afterlife. Until she ended up there.

When she finds herself in Valcara, a dystopian purgatory where souls are bought and sold, she is focused on only one thing—reuniting with her deceased younger sister. But Rose quickly learns her premature arrival violates Fate’s design.

After a Valcaran company recruits Rose as their secret weapon, she becomes entangled in an industry that straddles the realms of the living and the dead. At the mercy of a divine corporation she doesn’t fully trust, Rose is sent back to Earth to meddle in mortal affairs. 

As she uncovers corruption on a cosmic scale, she realizes greed and deception extend beyond the grave. She wishes to free herself from the job, but her Valcaran employers hold the ultimate bargaining chip—if Rose refuses to cooperate, they will send her sister’s soul to Hell.

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Book 2: The Prophet's Debt (Available on Amazon)

Rose Ryder may have prevented an apocalypse, but her work is far from over. After hearing her friend Jade call out for help from beyond the grave, Rose will stop at nothing to find her soul.

Her quest brings her back to Valcara, where she learns her heroism on Earth has attracted the scorn of powerful Valcarans. However, she finds an unlikely ally in the corrupt soul who previously exploited her: Anita Munroe.

Back on Earth, Rose encounters treacherous factions in her covert mission to expose interdimensional collusion. A paranormal support group led by a suspected murderer. A sinister magic company that conceals corporate sins with shiny marketing tricks. And most troubling for Rose, the unexpected return of a villain from her past.

At every turn, Valcaran interference bleeds through, revealing startling connections between the mortal world and the afterlife. Contending with betrayal and renewed fears of cosmic devastation, Rose realizes that rescuing Jade's soul from damnation may require dooming her own...and the world she gave up heaven to save.