Hello Soul Subscribers,

Greetings from Valcara - a land of lost souls and untold mystery. I'm excited to have you follow along over the next few months as I ramp up to the release of my first novel, THE SOUL SECTOR. At long last, I'm ready to share my first major update (as I know some of you have been BEGGING for content!) Drum roll, please - in my mind it's timpani, but choose your own preferred percussion instrument for metaphorical use. 

I'm pleased to reveal the cover for THE SOUL SECTOR! 


The Soul Sector


I worked with Rose Miller from Fiverr to create this cover. Our heroine, Rose Ryder, sits pensively in a graveyard, in the shadow of a ghostly city. Life and death are about to collide. Prepare yourself for existential delight: both devious and divine.


Stay tuned for my next post, in which I'll talk about my writing process, and offer some tantalizing hints of what you can expect in THE SOUL SECTOR. 



Written by Mike